How to Clean Your Gas Grill

How Often Should I Clean My Grill?

You should thoroughly clean your grill at least once each season, though twice is definitely better. Especially if you use it 2-3 days per week or more during grilling season.
Even if you don’t clean your gas grill more than once per season, you should scrub the cooking grates with a wire brush after each use and be sure to empty the small grease tray (also called a catch pan) when it is full. I check mine every time I use it to see where the grease level is.

Parts of your grill

Cooking grates – on many grills these grates are made from cast iron and are heavy.
Warming rack – sits at the back of the grill, meant for placing food that is done and to be kept warm
Burners – the most important part of your grill as this is where the flame comes from
Control knobs – depending on your grill you could have 3-6 or even more, and one may control a side burner meant for a small saucepan.
Heat plates – triangular shapes metal guards that protect the burners from falling grease and food particles
Bottom grease tray – full-length tray under the burners that catches everything
Catch pan/small grease tray – a small tray that catches grease to minimize flare-ups.

Getting Ready

First, disconnect your propane tank from the grill and make sure the tank’s control valve is closed.
Fill a bucket with hot tap water and add a good squirt of dish soap. You may need to change this water once during your cleaning depending on how dirty the grill is.
Lay a towel out on the ground to hold clean parts as you finish washing them.


1 bucket
1 wire grill brush
dish soap
1 sponge with an abrasive side
2 clean towels
1 dishcloth or rag

How to Clean Your Gas Grill

  1. Start by using a wire grill brush to remove any crusty particles from the cooking grates and warming rack.
  2. Remove cooking grates and use a wire brush on the backsides as well.
  3. Remove the heat plates, use a wire brush if needed. Drop heat plates into a bucket to soak.
  4. Use wire brush to remove crusted particles inside the grill and along walls.
  5. Remove heat plates from bucket and scrub with abrasive side of sponge then dry off and place on waiting towel.
  6. Use damp sponge to wipe down burner tubes and make sure the holes are clear.
  7. Carefully remove the catch pan from the back of the grill as it may be full. Discard any grease and drop it into soapy water to soak.
  8. Remove the bottom grease tray from back of the grill and use wire brush to loosen particles.
  9. Wash tray with soapy water, scrubbing with abrasive side of sponge if needed.
  10. Remove catch pan from bucket, wipe clean and dry off both trays.
  11. Be sure that you dry off all parts, especially those that are made from cast iron. Leaving cast iron wet can cause it to rust.
  12. Put all the clean parts back into and on the grill.
  13. This may be a good time to change out the bucket water. Use fresh, hot soapy water to clean the outside surfaces of the grill including the doors and lid.
  14. Wipe down all outside surfaces with a towel.
  15. Make sure all of your control knobs are in the off position, then reconnect your propane tank. Start up the grill and let the flame heat the cooking grates for 5 minutes or so. This will remove any remaining soap residue you may have missed.

Enjoy your clean gas grill!